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[ There's a kitty face on the screen again, and this time it stays. The Blackberry is on the floor, and the kitten is batting at it with a paw and meowing, a little angrily. ]

[ See, it would seem that the Author has overdone it a little, and instead of ugu kawaii furry ears and tail Kanda has been turned into a cat completely. And that meant he was stuck in his room without food and toilet and balls of yarn (where did that come from?) unless someone came over and let him out. ]

[ Therefore, attempting contact with humans! ]
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[Hey, Badfic, there's a kitty face on screen. Said kitty is nuzzling and licking at the camera.]

Chloe, what are you doing~?

[There's a rustling before the kitten is picked up, Mary's smiling face appearing a moment after.]

I guess someone's feeling better.

Does anyone want anything to eat? I was going to make something for Chloe and myself, so if anyone wants something, feel free to come to the kitchen.
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[Neku's showing up on the Blackberries- he looks fairly confused, a little older, and is wearing different clothing... though purple is still a dominant theme.]

So, I'm stuck here, huh? [Neku makes a face, looking around.] First time I've been out of Shibuya in an age, anyway.
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If I can get a normal goddamn sized cigarette, I'll never make fun of midgets ever again. Until three p.m. Tuesday.
[Badou's voice is that usual mix of teenage girl whine and pessimistic dismissal. The voice of a man hardened by the war of attempting to climb up the shitter and not plummet to his flushing.] A fuckin tactical Arnold maneuver across enemy shit lines just for grub, all because of some shitty brat's height an tit issues.

[There's noticeable disconcerting sounds in the background of Badou's last will and testament: the pitter patter of little disease carrying feet across linoleum, the rustling of food being pilfered by whiskered little bastards, and of course the constant wheeze of Badou's anxiety.]
Back home, I used to try an get the roaches to pull a Jesus across Holy Water...That lolicon bastard never told me Karma would bite my ass this hard. He just bitched 'bout ash stains on the shitty carpet that were totally those old hags' stains. You know old folks can't keep track of their stains for shit.

[Have a shaky, put upon sigh. Where is his goddamn meat shield when he needs it?] If I don't make it back with at least a goddamn poptart crumb, mama bear can have my lighter collection, least you can light up some fuckers...that pony-tailed cocktease can have my eyepatch. Finally get a goddamn boyfriend an stop abusin' innocent gingers. Aidin' in kinky shit'll look good on my heaven resume. An if Slim Jim ever gets his stanky ass back here, tell him he owes me child support. Dickhole.

[The distinct sound of footsteps, his reluctant, slow steps, sound as he approaches his doom- if, y'know, no one saves his beautimous ass out of the kindness of their soft, yet hard boiled hearts. Finally, just before the audio cuts off, we have this gem:]



Jan. 23rd, 2013 11:23 pm
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...So, I'm back here, am I? [Tris smiles faintly into the Blackberry- she looks older than the last time she was on video, and, perhaps more shockingly, she looks thin, even gaunt. Her hair's loose, too, not braided.] It's been a few years for me.

Are Saguru and Spade still here, by any chance?
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It has been quiet for too long, apparently. 

I suppose I am not the only one who has woken up in an absolutely ridiculous size. In the unlikely event that there is somebody who remained taller than a few inches, then I would like request guidance for those who shrunk.

And in case that we're all this small: Are there any suggestions on how to deal with this week?

Teru Mikami


Dec. 17th, 2012 01:50 pm
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[The feed comes on to show Mary in her hotel room...and Marys attetion is completely focussed on something on her floor.]

I don't mean to be a bother, but could someone bring something meaty to my room? And an extra blanket? ...Maybe a heating pad?

[Taking a moment to look at the camera, she offers a small smile.]


Also, when we get back to the manor, I'd like to invite everyone to a little birthday party for me. I know it's tasteless to throw your own party, but it's a milestone and I want to celebrate it in a more familiar place than here.


Dec. 16th, 2012 11:27 pm
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[Kid is...confused as he wanders Manhattan, rolling along on Beelzebub. A lot of the decorations look familiar except for the nativity scenes and such. However, New York's not a bad place to be during the Winter Solstice.]

[Still, a lot of these carols are unfamiliar.]
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[This is definitely one of Mikami's favourite plots. Even though he doesn't celebrate Christmas or any other holiday, the Christmas shopping week provides a nice island to relax in the midst of the Author's craziness. Of course there is no saying this one goes like last years, but Mikami has some hope for once.
At the moment he's found a nice and relatively silent café to sit in. For those who are observant: There is book about law changes in the last century next to him. Apparently even Mikami can relax to a good book. Well. Not a novel. But it still counts somehow.]

It  appears she's been getting into the Christmas spirit again. This is, once again, the same she's been doing last year. For once, I actually appreciate it. 

[He pauses a moment, wondering if he should even say it]

It makes me wonder if New Year will also take place at the same location at least year.

[He hopes not. Seeing Kyoto again at his anniversary of being here sounds horrible. He remembers well what it was like standing in front of a Kyoto prosecution where nobody had ever heard his name before and his office was not his...]

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[Somewhere, off to the side of the village, there's someone bundled up in swiped hide as a makeshift concealing cloak. He's perfectly visible to other Manorites, but seems to be trying to sneak past Ewoks that ... don't seem to see him. Mostly.]

[It's when he goes to get food off the table that there's a small noise of alarm from one of the Ewoks, and where the Hell did it even get that spear? He's holding very still with a sour expression befitting a cat thrown into a tinfoil lined room, while the Ewok is chattering at ... well, the direction of where he's standing suspiciously.]

[He's holding very still with the food... and a couple more Ewoks have wandered over to join in the suspicious chatter.]

[Yep. He's hating his life right now. Guess who hasn't gotten along with the tiny furry things prone to poking strange people with sticks.]
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[On one of the upper walkways of the village, Saguru has found a place near one of the low tables with the feast spread; he's ... well, sort of trying to stay out of traffic and watch, holding a "mug" made out of some kind of hollowed out gourd or plant, giving the contents occasional odd looks.]

[He's occasionally wandering a little - still trying to avoid the main traffic of tiny fuzzy things, but looking around for other "residents" in between investigating the food and picking up a little bit of different things here and there; he's not entirely hesitant, though he does seem a little...well, lost.]

Strangest Thanksgiving she could've come up with.

[No, he is not that genre savvy on this one.]
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 [He's sitting in his room, staring out the window at the turkeys. For a moment it remains completely unclear whether this video post is accidental or intentional, but then Mikami turns toward the screen.]

Has anybody ever given the age of the Author further thought? Upon arrival I was told she was a teenage girl and once a letter she send to the plot bunny indicated her taking exams in what I think could be a version of  junior high school.

Since then, close to two years have passed, but the Author has not shown any more maturity in her patterns of action at all.

[Referring to these aggressive turkeys out there. Was that supposed to be thanksgiving mood? Her ideas still seemed as childlike as ever.]

Which leads me to the question of how her time flow works.  Up to now, I had assumed her time was the same as the time here, seeing her little mentions of private life, if there were any, matched the season... But I'm not sure if I can believe she aged at all. 

Naturally, it could just be part of her personality, but I still believe any information or theory about her is valuable. 

[He's holding on to tiny straws here, for sure, but it's at least something. Thinking is better than doing nothing. It might not have gotten him anywhere over all the past years, but he won't stop trying.]
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[The video comes on to show a very frightened Kyoji.]

What the hell happened!? The last I remember the manor had been turned into an asylum and I was trying to get away from that fake psychiatrist. They drugged me, and I woke up to this. Is any of this even real!?

[To some of you that probably seems like a very odd statement. Since the appointment Kyoji has been different. Colder, staying completely to himself, and something about the way he talked and carried himself just being off. But he has definitely been around, and most people have quite likely seen him around although he wouldn't stop long enough to actually talk.]

[A sharp, metallic scrape is heard over the feed, and Kyoji whips his head up before going completely still. He listens for a moment, trying his best to breathe quietly. Then it sounds again, and a crazed laugh echos from the fog. It sounded almost like Kyoji's voice, but he clearly wasn't laughing. He'd gone wide-eyed, and the way the video was jerking suggested his hands had started to shake. The laughing spiraled into choked sobs, and Kyoji took off running as fast as he good, the video swinging crazily.]

No! I won't go back to that! I won't go back to that! I- ugh! [The metallic sounds had gotten closer and closer, until one sounded practically on top of him and the Blackberry was knocked from his hand, ending the feed.]
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[Holding her hand against a gash in her arm, Mary's moving through the fog blindly, trying to ignore the blood dripping onto the ground, providing a decent enough trail to anyone curious enough to follow it. When she's safe, she can find a way to wrap it...but there lies the problem. No where is safe right now. Even the shop that she'd tried to take refuge in had been occupied by something less than friendly, all sharp teeth and claws.

Anyone close enough to her will notice the large knife held in her free hand. If they get too close, it may end up in their this place you couldn't take any chances. She remembered it well and knew to not make too much noise, that was the only thing keeping her from calling to check in with Dean and anyone else she was close to.

There was a small part of her that was enjoying this. The familiarity and the release of using your skills to their fullest, but this wasn't her life anymore. She'd worked hard to keep things that way, but the manor was determined to ruin that choice.


Nov. 1st, 2012 09:29 am
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[There's a loud crash of trash cans falling over as the feed comes on. Kid's face shows that he's clearly scared out of his wits as he struggles to maintain his balance on Beelzebub and keep going. He's breathing hard and sweating, as if he's been fleeing for quite some time.]

I know someone posted this up, but are we sure it's not just incredibly poor timing for the author to bring some of these people here? There's no way Asura can't be--

[Something off-screen causes Kid to cut himself off mid-sentence, and he banks a hard right. However, he overcompensates and ends up crashing against the wall of the alley he's in. The communicator goes flying, landing a few feet away and giving a sideways view of Kid pushing himself upright with a man in a red pinstripe suit completely covered in bandages standing over him.]

[Kid shakes as he stares up at the man, knowing this form from before he'd arrived at the manor.]

It's not real. It's just a hallucination. It's not real. It's just a halluci--

[His hand flies to his throat and starts working on trying to crush his own windpipe. Kid's lost in an illusion of Asura choking him, not realizing that the hallucination is forcing him to choke himself.]
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[It'd been an exhausting week already, and what showed on the video was Spade, holding up the Blackberry; he'd been checking to see if it would react - and it'd turned on all on its own, a fact that has Spade scowling at it.]

Fine, then. [If it was going to be on anyway...]

This place? If anyone hasn't figured it out on their own, it's reactive. It'll throw things from your own mind at you, and the more you react to it, the more power it has, and the more it'll make things from you and warp.

[The screen fuzzes for a moment, with an image of a burned-out wreck of some kind of large, ornate building with broken down walls.]

[And then there's a faint female voice - as if from somewhere back in the building behind him; weak and pained sounding.] Help me...

[For a brief second, the color drains out of Spade's otherwise controlled face, and he shuts the feed off fast.]

((Paging Charles and Tris for an in person off this; other people can find him at the storefront, assuming they're nearby atm!))
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[This whole place has been freaking out Lymle, big style. She's just been running from a bunch of dogs, and she's just tripped over her own feet, the comm starting to record when it falls out of her dress pocket (as it flips, you'll see the carousel in the background before it settles, pointing up at Lymle and Cerebus), sending out the biggest spike of fear that she's felt since when she accidentally opened the portal to the other dimension when she was six. And now, Cereberus is reacting to the constant state of fear and that big spike in it by leaping out of his dimension to come save her from whatever it is that's scaring her. But there's a problem.

The Otherworld rather likes this hell-dimension dog. In that it's very similar to it's dog. So when Cereberus comes through, it's immediately clear something is wrong if you've seen her dog before. The flames are a little less bright and the ribbons are dirty and tattered on the ends - which they never were before. And his teeth. Less of the huge razor-sharp fangs that he has in his mouth and more of a silent hill-esque set of human teeth which look very freaky in the dogs' mouths. He's also got patches of fur missing.

Lym, naturally, notices the change in her best friend immediately. She struggles to her feet, not bothering to dust off her dress.]
Doggy, what's wrong, 'kay? [And she sounds concerned as well as scared. But she's not scared of Cerberus yet, so she takes a step forward.

And freezes when it growls at her. And to anybody she's shown off her party trick to (where she sticks her head in the dog's mouth), they'd know it would never do something like that to her.]
That's a bad doggy, 'kay? You're not a bad doggy, you're a good doggy, 'kay? So why are you growling, 'kay? what's wrong, 'kay? [again she tries to step forward, and again it growls. It hunkers down, looking torn between attacking her because this place is effecting it, and running away because it's not yet gone enough to want to attack her yet. Lymle stops trying to go towards it, looking at her dog with a mixture of worry and fear. The feed flickers and gives a small burst of static as it switches off.]
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[If you go down to the woods today, or just anywhere around the lake area, you'll find someone out a-hunting with a hand-made looking blade in hand. Dean's taking this plot a little too well, now covered in blood and mud. Not all too unlike when he'd first appeared in the manor, actually.

He'd roamed around town for a few days, and tried to find some of the most active spots. And this is it, for him. It's all too reminiscent of where he'd spent the year in purgatory... and he likes it a little bit. okay, maybe more than a little bit. Out here, he easily gets lost in the flashbacks as he fights alongside them, the trees, the monsters, everything. It's all similar enough for him to forget about that 'struggling to adjust' thing and just get lost in the memories of the past year; reminisce on the purity of it. Probably not a healthy thing to do. He doesn't care.

As the foliage rustles behind him, his hand grips around the bone handle and he turns to face whatever it is. The corner of his lips turn up in anticipation.]

Bring it on.

[He's far from done yet as the last body by his feet turn to ash. And possibly the only one kind of enjoying this week.]


Oct. 24th, 2012 10:23 pm
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[Kid rides Beelzebub slowly through the foggy town. This isn't the mansion. He doesn't know where he is, honestly. He just woke up here.]

[He shivers in the cold, concerned that it's affecting him this much. He's a death god. Extreme temperatures never bothered him before. Well, except for that one week as a human student when the mansion became a boarding school.]

[...Oh, no.]

Please work. Please...

[However, Beelzebub doesn't rise obediently off the ground, simply rolling along like any human's skateboard.]

[Very not good.]

[At least Soul Perception seems to be working though the surrounding area is empty for the moment. Well, aside from something out of the corner of his eye, his skin crawling with a familiar feeling of fear.]

He's not here. You're just letting the fog get to you. He's not here, dammit.

[However, that doesn't stop him from continuing to look around worriedly, heart jackhammering against the inside of his rib cage. Who knows what's lurking in the fog?]


Oct. 12th, 2012 08:36 pm
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[If you're in the kitchen on the night of the twelfth, you're about to get one hell of a surprise.

The room glows a bright white, and Dean comes falling out of the source of the light - a portal on the wall. He's dirty, he's bloody, and he looks like he hasn't slept properly in a year. the eyes are harder as he looks around the room trying to figure out where the hell he is, disorientated from the journey and sure as hell not expecting the portal to lead into somebody's kitchen.

He was going to have to have words with-- oh, shit. It registers he can't feel that second soul, which is odd because he'd been an impatient and restless son of a bitch.

First: He had to figure out where he was. Then he could figure out where the fuck Benny went. or just maybe hopping the soul train hadn't worked for him after all... goddamn it.]


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